Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

The Feeling!

Maybe some Persons already noticed it:

Japanese Movies are quite different from American Movies.

Maybe you think: "Of Course, in Japanese Movies are only cast by Japanese Actors".

NO! I don`t mean this.

I mean, the Stories are more interesting and imaginative.

That`s what i thought when I saw my very first Movie in my Japenese Movie Collection "Taiyou no Uta / A Song of the Sun", played by Singer YUI. I was amazed, how good the Actors played and the Story itself.

For Newcomers: "Asian Movies are mostly acted only be Asians."

Maybe if Americans see an American Boy (...or Girl) being slayed and shot down in "Battle Royle", they will get provoked. Ionly saw in a few Movies American Actors.

That will be examply in the Korean Movies "Host" and "Seducing Mr. Perfect".

That`s all I could find about this. Maybe someone can add some Names to this Post!

OK, this should be enough as an Introduction in the Section.


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