Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Taiyo no Uta / A Song of the Sun!

In the first / last Post I mentioned the Movie "Taiyo no Uta / A Song of the Sun" by Singer YUI.

The Story is about a Girl named Amane Kaoru, who suffers from an incurable Disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (Short: XP). Because of this Disease, Kaoru can`t be exposed to the Sun, which means she isn`t allowed to leave her Home in Daylight. Like the real Actor YUI, she dreams to become a famous Singer, so she perfoms with her Guitar outside in Night at Parks and Train Stations. One Night, she meets the young Surfer Koji Fujishiro, who usually waits at a Bus Station near Kaoru`s House. Since she can`t go outside and talk to someone like a normal Person, she just can watch him at the Window of her Room and develop a Crush on him. By Chance, while waiting at the Bus Station, where Koji always drives by, she gets a Chance to talk to him. They become Friends, but Kaoru don`t wants to tell him about her Disease, because Koji could break the Friendship immediatly.

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